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About Us

Antelope Nepal is an upcoming travel platform focusing on streamlining and creating a travel experience that is catered to individual customers. Established in 2019, Antelope Nepal is owned and serviced by VoBerry Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We focus on providing a platform where users can have easy access and can build travel packages from scratch, focusing on every aspect users require. Our portal will provide a platform for everyone to have the best possible research information as well as easy access to our partner hotels, restaurants, vehicle rental services and any other services associated with the travel agency to create the holiday package they dream of.

Our process

Our website contains a web engine, that is simple and easy to use. Put in your destinations and details as mentioned there, and see the magic happen! Our system understands your requirements and will provide you options that are best suited to your personal tastes, all while giving you the freedom to customise every aspect of it from start to finish.

Our Vision

At Antelope Nepal, we believe in providing a travel experience unique from the very start for our users. We want to give you the ability to design and develop your itinerary from scratch at the best possible prices while making the experience as smooth as possible. And that is our vision; making your experience, smooth, easy, unique and complete.

Our Approach

We’ve always believed in the “Customer First” Approach. Our platform is for you and by you. We’ll do everything we can to make the entire planning process as smooth and close to your personal taste as much as we can. We are open to feedback as you are our champions. We will work as closely as we can with you to provide an even complete experience.

Our Objective

We want to make travelling in Nepal fun. Travel agencies in the country do aid in your travel experience. But we want to present ourselves by providing a platform to help make your journey as personal as it can be. It is completely unique and special for you. We want to be the foundation of your experience and be more than just a service provider, we want to be your travel companion.

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